The Leeds and Grenville Snowmobile Association (LGSA) is an association of four snowmobile clubs who collectively groom approximately 700kms of trails in Eastern Ontario.

Grenville Snowmobile Association

Work has already started, preparing trails for the upcoming season. Groomers are being readied in the way of maintenance checks and repairs.

Considerable work was recently completed - especially on E105 to deal with problematic wet conditions. Over $17,000. was spent on high hoe and backhoe work along with purchasing and installing culverts and gates. New signage and stakes have recently been purchased either in the interest of improving trail safety or replacement of damaged or stolen equipment.

The sale of Trail Permits does not alone cover the cost of maintaining our trail system and the numerous other expenses incurred on an annual basis by your local snowmobile club. We are fortunate in that we have volunteers that help organize and schedule various fundraisers to help offset costs. We were also successful in the application for grant money that helped subsidize much of our trail work.

Show your support for snowmobiling, volunteer or bring your friends and attend a fundraiser. Remember, trails are brought to you by volunteers.

Have a safe and fun season of snowmobiling and hope to see you on the trails.

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